Social Events

Welcome Reception 

Tuesday, June 2nd 2015

We will welcome you at the Terrace International by the St. Bernardin church, where we will relax and enjoy a stunning view over the sea (5 min walking distance from Histrion and Hotel Vile Park).

Social Event and Gala Dinner

Wednesday, June 3rd 2015

Piran salt pans

The Piran Salt Pans are among those rare salt pans in the world where salt is produced using centuries-old processes, involving entirely natural crystallisation, working by hand and employing tools and procedures used by our ancestors.

We have organized 4 buses, leaving the congress centre after the last session. The buses will take us to the Piran Salt Pans (10 min from the hotel) and from there we will have a guided tour in the pans by foot that will take about 40 minutes. 


Buses timetable:

17:45 – 1st bus (english tour guide), expected return: 19:00
18:00 – 2nd bus (english tour guide), expected return: 19:15
18:15 – 3rd bus (english tour guide), expected return: 19:30
18:30 – 4th bus (german tour guide), expected return: 19:45

At the Piran Salt Pans you will also have an opportunity to buy some souvenirs. Comfortable shoes and a jacket if it gets windy is suggested.


Gala dinner

We will enjoy our gala dinner at the Grand Hotel Bernardin Beach Area in a company of a local band.