PhD Symposium

PhD Symposium Program


Accepted Papers

  • Tamás Matuszka. The Design and Implementation of Semantic Web-based Architecture for Augmented Reality Browser
  • Fattane Zarrinkalam. Semantics-enabled User Interest Mining
  • Fajar J. Ekaputra. Ontology Change in Ontology-Based Information Integration Systems
  • Anca Dumitrache. Crowdsourcing Disagreement for Collecting Semantic Annotation
  • Petar Ristoski. Towards Linked Open Data enabled Data Mining: Strategies for Feature Generation, Propositionalization, Selection, and Consolidation
  • Ignacio Traverso. Exploiting Semantics from Ontologies to Enhance Accuracy of Similarity Measures
  • Dena Tahvildari. Semantic support for recording laboratory experimental metadata: a study in Food Chemistry
  • Thu-Le Pham. A scalable adaptive method for complex reasoning over semantic data streams
  • Giulio Petrucci. Information Extraction for Learning Expressive Ontologies
  • Audun Vennesland. eDocument Standards as Background Knowledge in Context-Based Ontology Matching
  • Patrick Philipp. Sequential Decision Making with Medical Interpretation Algorithms in the Semantic Web
  • Katrin Krieger. Creating Learning Material from Web Resources​