Minute of Madness

POSTER Advertisements

1    Keyword Search on RDF Graphs: It Is More Than Just Searching for Keywords    Kostas Stefanidis and Irini Fundulaki
2    Time-Aware Entity Search in DBpedia    Lei Zhang, Wentao Chen, Thanh Tran and Achim Rettinger
3    Minimally Supervised Instance Matching: An Alternate Approach    Mayank Kejriwal and Daniel P. Miranker
   SemNaaS: Add a Semantic Dimension to the Network as a Service    Mohamed Morsey, Hao Zhu, Isart Canyameres and Paola Grosso  
5    Discovering Types in RDF Datasets    Kenza Kellou-Menouer and Zoubida Kedad
   FOODpedia: Russian food products as a Linked Data Dataset    Maxim Kolchin, Alexander Chistyakov, Maxim Lapaev and Rezeda Khaydarova  
7    A Semantic, Task-Centered Collaborative Framework for Science    Yolanda Gil, Felix Michel, Varun Ratnakar and Matheus Hauder
8    Towards Scalable Visual Exploration of Very Large RDF Graphs    Nikos Bikakis, John Liagouris, Maria Krommyda, George Papastefanatos and Timos Sellis
9    Analysis of companies' non-financial disclosures: Ontology learning by topic modeling    Andy Moniz and Franciska de Jong
10    Improving Semantic Relatedness in Paths for Storytelling with Linked Data on the Web Laurens De Vocht, Christian Beecks, Ruben Verborgh, Erik Mannens, Thomas Seidl and Rik Van de Walle
11    SentiML ++ : An Extension of the SentiML Sentiment Annotation Scheme    Saad Malik Missen, Mohammed Attik, Mickaël Coustaty, Antoine Doucet and Cyril Faucher

DEMO Advertisements

12    The ProtégéLOV Plugin: Ontology Access and Reuse for Everyone    Nuria Garcia-Santa, Ghislain Auguste Atemezing and Boris Villazón-Terrazas
13    FAGI-gis: A tool for fusing geospatial RDF data    Giorgos Giannopoulos, Nick Vitsas, Nikos Karagiannakis, Dimitrios Skoutas and Spiros Athanasiou
14    Evaluating Entity Annotators Using GERBIL    Ricardo Usbeck, Michael Röder and Axel-Cyrille Ngonga Ngomo
15    3XL News: a Cross-lingual News Aggregator and Reader    Evgenia Belyaeva, Jan Berčič, Katja Berčič, Flavio Fuart, Aljaž Košmerlj, Andrej Muhič, Aljoša Rehar, Jan Rupnik and Mitja Trampuš
16    Controlling and Monitoring Crisis    Nuria García-Santa, Esteban García-Cuesta and Boris Villazón-Terrazas
17    Visual Analysis of Statistical Data on Maps using Linked Open Data    Petar Ristoski and Heiko Paulheim
18    Interactive Comparison of Triple Pattern Fragments Query Approaches    Joachim Van Herwegen, Ruben Verborgh, Erik Mannens and Rik Van de Walle
19    DataOps: Seamless End-to-end Anything-to-RDF Data Integration    Andriy Nikolov, Christoph Pinkel, Andreas Schwarte, Ana Sasa Bastinos, Johannes Trame and Tobias Zeuch
20    SmartKeepers: a decentralized, secure, and flexible social platform for coworkers    Romain Blin, Charline Berthot, Julien Subercaze, Christophe Gravier, Frérérique Laforest and Antoine Boutet
21    Collaborative Development of Multilingual Thesauri with VocBench    Armando Stellato, Sachit Rajbhandari, Andrea Turbati, Manuel Fiorelli, Caterina Caracciolo, Tiziano Lorenzetti, Johannes Keizer and Maria Teresa Pazienza
22    DaCENA: Serendipitous News Reading with Data Contexts    Matteo Palmonari, Giorgio Uboldi, Marco Cremaschi, Daniele Ciminieri and Federico Bianchi
23    QueryVOWL: Visual Composition of SPARQL Queries    Florian Haag, Steffen Lohmann, Stephan Siek and Thomas Ertl
24    The Russian Museum Culture Cloud    Dmitry Mouromtsev, Peter Haase, Eugene Cherny, Dmitry Pavlov, Alexey Andreev, Yury Emelyanov and Anna Spiridonova
25    Dataset Summary Visualization with LODSight    Marek Dudas, Vojtěch Svátek and Jindřich Mynarz
26    Supporting Real-Time Monitoring in Criminal Investigations    Robin Keskisärkkä and Eva Blomqvist
27    Curating a document collection via crowdsourcing with Pundit 2.0    Christian Morbidoni and Alessio Piccioli
28    This 'Paper' is a Demo    Sarven Capadisli, Sören Auer and Reinhard Riedl
29    Rubya: a tool for generating rules for incremental maintenance of RDF views    Vânia Vidal, Marco Casanova, Valéria Magalhães Pequeno, Narciso Arruda, Diego Sá and José Maria Monteiro
30    ASBTAT: Linked Data Summaries with ABstraction and STATistics    Matteo Palmonari, Anisa Rula, Riccardo Porrini, Andrea Maurino, Blerina Spahiu and Vincenzo Ferme
31    How to Stay Ontop of Your Data: Databases, Ontologies and More    Diego Calvanese, Benjamin Cogrel, Sarah Komla Ebri, Davide Lanti, Martin Rezk and Guohui Xiao
32    LIDSEARCH: A SPARQL-driven Framework for searching Linked Data and Semantic Web Services    Mohamed Lamine Mouhoub, Daniela Grigori and Maude Manouvrier
33    Merging and Enriching DCAT Feeds to Improve Discoverability of Datasets    Pieter Heyvaert, Pieter Colpaert, Ruben Verborgh, Erik Mannens and Rik Van de Walle
34    Distributed Linked Data Business Communication Networks: The LUCID Endpoint   Sebastian Tramp, Ruben Navarro Piris, Timofey Ermilov, Niklas Petersen, Marvin Frommhold and Sören Auer

MISC Advertisements

35    Crowdsourcing is for the tail Gianluca Demartini
36    RASH Framework    Silvio Peroni
37    Automating RDF Dataset Transformation and Enrichment    Mohamed Ahmed Sherif
38    RDF Graph Database-as-a-Service    Marin Dimitrov
39    The Self-Service Semantic Suite (S4)    Marin Dimitrov
40    OntoDia - a semantic data and ontology diagramming tool    Dmitry Pavlov
41    KConnect - Search Technology for Medical Information    Marin Dimitrov
42    Semantic Recommendations in Eastern European Marketplace - Allegro    Anna Wróblewska
43    Research Cases    Chris Chapman
44     #TripleProv: Tracking and Querying Provenance in Linked Data   Marcin Wylot
45     HCLS Dataset Descriptions   Alasdair Gray