Tuesday, JUNE 2ND, 2015
09:00 09:30

Opening Ceremony

General Chair: Fabien Gandon

Local Chair: Marko Grobelnik

09:30 10:30


Viktor Mayer-Schönberger
Oxford University, UK

"Why Big Data Matters - a lot"

10:30 11:00 Coffee break


Natural Language Processing

Session Chair: Leon Derczynski

1. Learning a Cross-Lingual Semantic Representation of Relations Expressed in Text
Achim Rettinger | Artem Schumilin | Steffen Thoma | Basil Ell

2. HAWK – Hybrid Question Answering using Linked Data
Ricardo Usbeck | Axel-Cyrille Ngonga Ngomo | Lorenz Buhmann | Christina Unger

3. LIME: the Metadata Module for OntoLex
Manuel Fiorelli | Armando Stellato | John P. Mccrae | Philipp Cimiano | Maria Teresa Pazienza



Session Chair: Claudia D'Amato

1. Large scale rule-based Reasoning using a Laptop
Martin Peters | Sabine Sachweh | Albert Zundorf

2. A Context-Based Semantics for SPARQL Property Paths over the Web
Olaf Hartig | Giuseppe Pirrò

3. Distributed and Scalable OWL EL Reasonings
Raghava Mutharaju | Pascal Hitzler | Prabhaker Mateti | Freddy Lecue


12:30 14:00 Lunch / N2 Women Lunch Tables
14:00 15:30

Mobile Sensors, Services & Web of Things

Session Chair: Carlos Pedrinaci

1. Data as a Service: The Semantic Web Redeployed
Laurens Rietveld | Ruben Verborgh | Wouter Beek | Miel Vander Sande | Stefan Schlobach

2. Standardized and Efficient RDF Encoding for Constrained Embedded Networks
Sebastian Käbisch | Daniel Peintner | Darko Anicic

3. SPSC: Efficient Composition of Semantic Services in Unstructured P2P Networks
Xiaoqi Cao | Patrick Kapahnke | Matthias Klusch


Semantic data management & Big data 1

Session Chair: Olivier Curé

1. Processing Aggregate Queries in a Federation of SPARQL Endpoints
Dilshod Ibragimov | Katja Hose | Torben Bach Pedersen | Esteban Zimanyi

2. Cooperative Techniques for SPARQL Query Relaxation in RDF Databases
Géraud Fokou | Stephane Jean | Allel Hadjali | Mickael Baron

3. Query Execution Optimization for Clients of Triple Pattern Fragments
Joachim Van Herwegen | Ruben Verborgh | Erik Mannens | Rik Van de Walle

Semantic Web Evaluation

Session Chair: Mauro Dragoni

Presentation of the Challenges Track

1. Open Knowledge Extraction challenge (OKE): presentation of tasks
Andrea Nuzzolese

2. Sentiment Analysis challenge: presentation of tasks
Diego Reforgiato | Mauro Dragoni

15:30 16:00 Coffee break incl. challenges posters
16:00 17:30

Cognition & Web Science

Session Chair: Raphaël Troncy

1. Gagg: A Graph Aggregation Operator
Fadi Maali | Stéphane Campinas | Stefan Decker

2. FrameBase: Representing N-ary Relations using Semantic Frames
Jacobo Rouces | Gerard de Melo | Katja Hose

3. LOD-based Disambiguation of Named Entities in @tweets through Context #enrichment
Genevieve Gorrell | Johann Petrak | Kalina Bontcheva

In use & Industry 1

Session Chair: Alasdair Gray

1. From Symptoms to Diseases -- Creating the Missing Link
Heiner Oberkampf | Turan Gojayev | Sonja Zillner | Dietlind Zühlke | Sören Auer | Matthias Hammon

2. Crowdmap- ping Digital Social Innovation with Linked data 
Harry Halpin | Francesca Bria

3. Supporting Open Collaboration in Science through Explicit and Linked Semantic Description of Processes 
Yolanda Gil | Felix Michel | Varun Ratnakar | Paul Hanson | Hilary Dugan | Jordan Read | Christopher Duffy | Matheus Hauder

Semantic Web Evaluation

3. Semantic Publishing challenge: presentation of tasks
Anastasia Dimou | Angelo Di Iorio | Christoph Lange

4. Schema-agnostic Queries over Linked Data: SAQ-2015: presentation of tasks
Andre Freitas

17:30 19:00

Minute of Madness

Session Chair: Olaf Hartig

19:00 open-end

Welcome reception: Terrace International

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015
09:00 09:30


09:30 10:30


Lise Getoor
University of California, US

"Combining Statistics and Semantics to Turn Data into Knowledge"

10:30 11:00 Coffee break
11:00 12:30

Crowdsourcing & Web Science

Session Chair: Gianluca Demartini

1. Ranking Entities in the Age of Two Webs, An Application to Semantic Snippets
Pierre-Edouard Portier | Mazen Alsarem | Sylvie Calabretto | Harald Kosch

2. Towards hybrid NER: a study of content and crowdsourcing-related performance factors
Oluwaseyi Feyisetan | Markus Luczak-Roesch | Elena Simperl | Ramine Tinati

3. Knowledge Enabled Approach to Predict the Location of Twitter Users
Revathy Krishnamurthy | Pavan Kapanipathi | Amit Sheth | Krishnaprasad Thirunarayan

Machine Learning

Session Chair: Heiko Paulheim

1. Automating RDF Dataset Transformation and Enrichment
Mohamed Ahmed Sherif | Axel-Cyrille Ngonga Ngomo | Jens Lehmann

2. Assigning Semantic Labels to Data Sources
Ramnandan Krishnamurthy | Amol Mittal | Craig Knoblock | Pedro Szekely

3. Inductive Classification through Evidence-based Models and their Ensembles
Giuseppe Rizzo | Claudia D'Amato | Nicola Fanizzi | Floriana Esposito

12:30 14:00 Lunch break
14:00 15:30

Semantic data management & Big data II

Session Chair: Olaf Hartig

1. HDT-MR: A Scalable Solution for RDF Compression with HDT and MapReduce
José M. Giménez-Garcia | Javier D. Fernández | Miguel A. Martinez- Prieto

2. A survey of HTTP caching implementations on the open Semantic Web
Kjetil Kjernsmo

3. A Compact In-Memory Dictionary for RDF data
Hamid R. Bazoobandi | Steven De Rooij | Jacopo Urbani | Annette Ten Teije | Frank Van Harmelen | Henri Bal

Ontology matching & Summarization

Session Chair: Antoine Zimmermann

1. Semi-supervised Instance Matching Using Boosted Classifiers
Mayank Kejriwal | Daniel P. Miranker

2. Requirements for and Evaluation of User Support for Large-Scale Ontology Alignment
Valentina Ivanova | Patrick Lambrix | Johan Åberg

3. RDF Digest: Efficient Summarization of RDF/S KBs
Georgia Troullinou | Haridimos Kondylakis | Evangelia Daskalaki | Dimitris Plexousakis





EU project Networking

Introduction and one-minute-madness for EU projects


15:30 15:45 Coffee break incl. EU project posters
16:00 17:30


Session Chair: Silvio Peroni

1. Leveraging and Balancing Heterogeneous Sources of Evidence in Ontology Learning
Gerhard Wohlgenannt

2. RODI: A Benchmark for Relational-to-Ontology Data Integration
Christoph Pinkel | Carsten Binnig | Ernesto Jiménez-Ruiz | Wolfgang May | Dominique Ritze | Martin G. Skjaeveland | Alessandro Solimando

3. VocBench: a Web Application for Collaborative Development of Multilingual Thesauri
Armando Stellato | Sachit Rajbhandari | Andrea Turbati | Manuel Fiorelli | Caterina Caracciolo | Johannes Keizer | Maria Teresa Pazienza

In-Use & Industrial II

Session Chair: Alexandre Monin

1. Troubleshooting and Optimizing Named Entity Resolution Systems in the Industry
Panos Alexopoulos | Ronald Denaux | Jose Manuel Gomez-Perez

2. Using Ontologies For Modeling Virtual Reality Scenarios
Mauro Dragoni | Chiara Ghidini | Paolo Busetta | Mauro Fruet and Matteo Pedrotti

3. Using semantic web technologies for enterprise architecture analysis
Maximilan Osenberg | Melanie Langermeier | Bernhard Bauer





EU project Networking

Thematic discussion tables


20:30 open-end

Conference Gala Dinner - Grand Hotel Bernardin Beach Area

Thursday, June 4TH, 2015
09:30 11:30

Posters & Demos (Adria 1/2) including Breakfast

11:30 12:30


Massimo Poesio
University of Essex, UK

"What Crowdsourcing tells us about Cognition: the Case of Anaphora"

12:30 14:00 Lunch break
14:00 15:30

Linked Data & Data Management

Session Chair: Stefan Dietze

1. Heuristics for Fixing Common Errors in Deployed schema.org Microdata
Robert Meusel | Heiko Paulheim

2. A Comparison of Data Structures to Manage URIs on the Web of Data
Ruslan Mavlyutov | Marcin Wylot | Philippe Cudré-Mauroux

3. Quality Assessment of Linked Datasets using Probabilistic Approximations
Jeremy Debattista | Santiago Londoño | Christoph Lange | Sören Auer



In Use & industry III 

Session Chair: Achim Rettinger

1. PADTUN - Using Semantic Technologies in Tunnel Diagnosis and Maintenance Domain
Dhavalkumar Thakker | Vania Dimitrova | Anthony Cohn | Joaquin Valdes

2. Towards the Linked Russian Heritage Cloud: Data enrichment and Publishing
Dmitry Muromtsev | Peter Haase | Dmitry Pavlov | Eugene Cherny | Alexey Andreev | Anna Spiridonova

3. Desperately searching for travel offers? Formulate better queries with some help from Linked Data
Chun Lu | Milan Stankovic | Philippe Laublet


15:30 16:00 Coffee Break
16:00   Closing and Award Ceremony